Section CZ- EPC is promoter activity modes PSK for the award series programme in clubs EPC.

Activity will every first Monday in month from 1600 UTC to the 1900 UTC modes B(Q)PSK31/63/125.


Minimum exchange is the signal report RST and WWL locator ( 599 JO70VA ). Can be used QSO including name and QTH.

One category only. QSO can be to repeat on other modes and on other HF band except WARC.  

1QSO = 1 point


Summary result of the QSO points via only

to the 14 days after activity.   

CALLsign, Number of QSO and email address

DXCluster, EPC- SPOT etc .  are enabled.

Sending summary validation that result responding with your log.

Results  will be every month and yearly.


Results will see into web address :